• Philadelphia Diversity and Leadership Conference
  • Philadelphia Diversity and Leadership Conference
  • Philadelphia Diversity and Leadership Conference
  • Philadelphia Diversity and Leadership Conference

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2013 Philadelphia D&L Conference

The 2013 Philadelphia Diversity and Leadership Conference brought participants top-notch keynote speakers, invaluable information and of course a GREAT TIME! To see some of the highlights, click here.

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2014 CEO Leadership Award Nominations

The CEO Leadership Award recognizes Chief Executive Officers that have advanced their organization’s goals and objectives through a global approach to leadership and inclusion. This award is given to individuals who have provided substantial support to their organizations mission. Recipients of this award have demonstrated in their business or personal lives a true commitment to their calling and are strong advocates in the development of worldwide communities through increased knowledge, understanding and partnerships. These individuals personify the idea that achieving business success requires the collaboration of a team guided by strong, ethical, visionary, global leadership.

Criteria to be considered:

  • Globally oriented approach to extraordinary leadership.
  • Successfully maximizing the value of all of the organization’s assets to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Making their organization Best in Class.
  • Demonstrated and well-developed strategic plan and vision for the future.
  • Outstanding community and philanthropic activities.

To submit an individual for consideration:

  • Submit individual's name, company name and job title (if applicable).
  • Submit, in bullet point form, the reasons why the individual should be considered based on the criteria listed above. 
  • Forward your submission(s) to Dennis Kennedy at [email protected].

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